Terms and conditions of application for research funding

All applications submitted to PTEN Research, either in the form of Project Proposals, Full Applications, Targeted Calls or otherwise are subject to PTEN Research’s Terms and Conditions of Applications.

1. Application submitted and accepted on Terms and Conditions of Application: 

The Host Institution(s) and Principal Applicant(s) submit, and PTEN Research accepts, the Application on the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions of Application. These terms apply to all Applications for funding submitted to PTEN Research, whether or not they are ultimately successful. These terms and Conditions of Application will form part of the Grant Terms and Conditions or Grant Conditions if the Application is successful.

2. Data protection:

Each of the Principal Applicant(s) and Host Institution(s) agrees and shall procure that all Research Personnel and related parties are made aware of and, where required consent to, all information (including any personal information) shared with PTEN Research in connection with the Application:

  • (i) will be received, held and used by PTEN Research and its affiliates, experts and advisers for the purposes of evaluating the Application. PTEN Research may also use the information for the purposes of knowledge-sharing, training and general business process reviews;
  • (ii) will be disclosed to and processed by PTEN Research, Host Institutions and other Institutions, external peer reviewers, experts and other appointees, government and relevant regulatory authorities, higher education funding councils and other research organisations or funding bodies for purposes connected with the Application and with PTEN Research donors or potential donors in the course of inviting or administering donations to support the Application (in the event that it is successful), or applications of a similar nature, some of whom may be based outside the European Economic Area; provided always that:
  • (iii) each Party shall hold and process all personal information received by it from another Party or from any Institution in connection with the Application in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Legislation. PTEN Research will hold all personal information received in accordance with PTEN Research's Privacy Policy, as available at www.ptenresearch.org/privacy-policy.

3. No research misconduct or workplace misconduct on the part of persons named on the Application: 

Each of the Host Institution and Lead Applicant(s) confirm that, each of the Host Institution and Lead applicant make and maintain arrangements for investigating and resolving allegations of research and workplace misconduct. Also, to the best of their knowledge and, except as notified to PTEN Research in writing at the time of the Application:

  • (i) there are no research or workplace misconduct allegations currently under investigation involving the Host Institution or Principal Applicant(s) or any other person named on the Application, nor has any allegation of research or workplace misconduct in respect of any such person been upheld in the previous five years;
  • (ii) there have been no upheld findings of bullying, or harassment against the Host Institution or Principal Applicant(s) nor any other employee of the Host Institution who is named on the Application.

PTEN Research reserves the right to reject the Application or require that the relevant individual(s) be removed from it at any time.