Targeted Calls

Targeted Calls

From time to time the Foundation will publish a Targeted Call for applications targeting a pre-specified area of research which will help further the Foundation’s strategy and aims. Our most recent first Targeted Call, launched in August 2021, was aimed at project proposals elucidating the role of non-canonical functions of PTEN in PHTS. This call is now closed for applications.  Two projects were awarded funding as part of this call. To hear of future Targeted Calls, you can subscribe to our Newsletter. In the meantime, the Foundation is open to receiving grant applications that align with the Foundation’s strategic research focus via our Innovation Awards. For more information, email us at

PTEN Research Foundation

The PTEN Research Foundation (‘PTEN Research’) is a UK-based medical research charity with the mission to fund and facilitate research that will lead to new and better treatments for PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome (PHTS), a rare genetic condition caused by a germline mutation in a single copy of the PTEN gene.

PTEN Research funds scientific research to improve understanding of clinical and molecular aspects of PHTS, and to evaluate existing and new drugs as treatment options for PHTS.

Information on our research strategy, and the research we currently support, is available here.

PTEN Research aims to enhance collaboration within the PHTS field. In addition to direct financial support, successful applicants will benefit from access to the Foundation’s network of disease experts, including our Scientific Advisory Board, Clinical Development Working Groups, and disease models that are being developed by the Foundation.


Eligibility to apply for funding is not restricted to any specific geography.

In general, applications will only be considered from Principal Investigators who hold a MD or PhD and have an established research programme or faculty position in a recognised academic or clinical research institution. 

We welcome collaborative proposals, however, where co-investigators are located at different host institutions, a lead host institution, to whom the Grant will be made and funds provided, should be identified. For those applicants who do not have previous expertise in PHTS or PTEN, the inclusion of collaborators or advisors with complementary expertise in these areas is favourable.

For any further clarification or questions relating to our eligibility criteria, please contact