Take part in a research study

You can find information about PHTS-related clinical trials at Clinicaltrials.gov, Orphanet and the EU Clinical Trials Register. There are trials for individuals with a PHTS or Cowden-Syndromme diagnosis, and other trials that may be relevant, involving for those with cancer or polyps. Find out more about different types of clinical trials.

All trials need to have ethical approval from a regulatory body before they can recruit participants and there will be inclusion criteria that participants have to meet. If it is a placebo-controlled trial, one group of participants will be given a treatment whereas the other group will be given a placebo, a treatment that is deliberately inactive. 

Links are not an endorsement by PTEN Research, or a recommendation to participate. If you are considering volunteering to take part in these or any other trial, you should contact your doctor to discuss your options.

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