PHTS and COVID-19 vaccination

At the current time PTEN Research is not aware of any specific guidance regarding the use of COVID-19 vaccines in people with PHTS. However, in Feb 2021 some general guidance was issued in Europe by the European Reference Network specialising in rare diseases, including PHTS.

This guidance provides advice on two things, both relating to adults with rare diseases:

  • Which particular diagnoses, symptoms and treatments which would mean that patients should be prioritised for vaccination;
  • The circumstances where vaccination would be “contra-indicated”, which means it is not recommended for safety reasons.

PHTS as a condition is not listed as either a reason to prioritise for vaccination, or as a contra-indication

The Cleveland Clinic has some information on COVID-19 vaccinations as part of its PHTS Frequently Asked Questions.

Therefore, in general, people with PHTS should be vaccinated in line with the plans for the general population.

However, due to the wide variation in symptoms and characteristics associated with PHTS, as well as other conditions people living with PHTS may experience and associated treatments, it is important to seek advice from your doctor to check what is most appropriate for you and associated family members.

In addition, experience with Covid-19 vaccinations is growing rapidly, including the approval of vaccines for use in children in some countries, underlining the need to seek up-to-date information from your doctor.