The team at PTEN Research

Dr Cristina Gomes

Scientific Project Manager

Cristina facilitates basic and translational research following the foundation’s scientific strategy, by supporting academic partnerships and biotech collaborations. Cristina is involved in coordination and monitoring of the grant application and review processes, negotiation of legal contracts and the day-to-day project management of the Foundation’s academic research portfolio. 

Before joining PTEN research Cristina worked for more than 10 years as a research scientist, first in academia and later gaining translational research experience in industry. As a PhD student in Portugal and later as post-doctoral scholar at the University of Chicago, Cristina was dedicated to the development of basic molecular and cellular research projects. Cristina studied the link between the mechanisms of protein synthesis fidelity and the stress response in human cells, while supporting several collaborations for advancements in the field of tRNA biology. More recently, Cristina specialised in pre-clinical studies by supporting biotech companies and start-ups in the design and implementation of drug discovery programs.

Ask me about: the Foundation's funding processes and grant applications, external review processes, ongoing academic research projects, basic and pre-clinical research projects, legal contracts.

Dr Cristina Gomes Image